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Ola is a 17-year-old from Poland whose top priority in life is passing her driving test and getting a car.

However, when her father suddenly dies while working on a construction site in Ireland, she must reluctantly travel to bring his body home — although her main incentive is to retrieve the money he’d promised her towards a car.

I Never Cry is a dark comedy of teenage rationale and angst, in which Ola’s journey into adulthood is set against the effects of mass economic emigration after Poland joined the European Union.


'I don’t really pick a subject or a story; I focus on a theme. And in this case, it was the theme of looking for a lost bond with an estranged parent. It seemed to me that the story of the “Euro-orphans” fitted perfectly here.' - Piotr Domalewski in Cineuropa interview 

'Piotr Domalewski is one of today’s emerging talents in his native Poland.' - Cineuropa