• Certification: 15
  • Country: USA
  • Release year: 2017
  • Language: English
  • Run time: 115 minutes
  • Genre: Drama



Part of

115 minutes


Director: Sean Baker.
Starring: Brooklynn Kimberly Prince, Willem Dafoe, Bria Vinaite, Valeria Cotto, Christopher Rivera, Caleb Landry Jones.

This highly anticipated follow-up to IPhone sensation Tangerine from US indie wünderkid Sean Baker is another brilliant portrait of the underbelly of life. Another collaboration with writer Chris Bergoch, the film tells the story of a precocious six year-old and her rag-tag group of friends whose summer break is filled with childhood wonder, possibility and a sense of adventure while the adults around them struggle with hard times, it’s equal parts American Honey with a dash of Beasts of the Southern Wild. What elevates the film is its compelling look at life on the blue-collar margins and its ability to capture the wonderment of childhood. Willem Dafoe sprinkles some fairy dust as Bobby, the put upon manager of the down-at-heel hotel on whose denizens the film focuses.

Girls hugging on grass Girl standing and boy sitting against a wall Girls playing by house Willem Dafoe with boy balcony