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Family Film Festival Three short films on the theme of fathers and daughters. 30mins.

Father and Daughter. 

Dir. Michael Dudok de Wit. Netherlands, 2000, 8 mins.

If you enjoyed The Red Turtle at our Festival last year, then you may also enjoy this Oscar winning short film by the same director. A father says goodbye to his young daughter. Time passes and the daughter moves through life age by age, but within her there is always a deep longing for her father. 


Dir. Natalie Labarre. USA, 2014, 7 mins. 

An eccentric inventor realises he’s not a perfect father, so one day, he makes one. 


Dir. Tom Judd & Ed Barrett. UK, 2018, 8 mins. 

Comissioned by the file sharing platform WeTransfer, this charming film explores the dangers in the distractions of everyday life as a father loses sight of what’s important. 


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