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La Chute de la maison Usher

DIRECTOR: Jean Epstein

WITH: Marguerite Gance, Jean Debucourt

With live accompaniment by Stephen Horne.


This unforgettably spooky masterpiece is a potent combination of several of the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Within the confines of his melancholy mansion, Roderick Usher is obsessively at work on a portrait of Madeline, his sickly wife. As life seems to drain from her, the painting becomes more supernaturally lifelike. Full of disconcerting angles, eerie slow motion and special effects, Jean Epstein’s innovative spinechiller envelops us in an atmosphere of overwhelming dread.

The screening will be introduced by film programmer Margaret Deriaz.




Showing with:

The Pit, the Pendulum and Hope

Czechoslovakia, 1983, 15 mins.

Dir. Jan Švankmajer.

With live accompaniment by Stephen Horne.


A Poe-inspired nightmare from Czech surrealist animator Jan Švankmajer.




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