• Certification: PG
  • Country: USA
  • Release year: 1915
  • Run time: 115 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Classic



Part of

115 minutes


DIRECTOR: Lois Weber

WITH: Anna Pavlova, Rupert Julian

With live piano accompaniment by John Sweeney.

The first Hollywood blockbuster ever directed by a woman, Lois Weber’s historical epic stars legendary dancer Anna Pavlova in her only feature film appearance. Charismatic, erotic, coruscatingly intense, she plays Fenella, a vulnerable fisher-girl in seventeenth-century occupied Naples whose cruel seduction by a Spanish overlord sparks a bloody uprising. Working with vast crowds and colossal sets, Weber choreographs slum dwellers’ misery, aristocratic debauchery and revolutionary turmoil to stunning effect. Stirring testimony to the range and skill of this remarkable director. 

The screening will be introduced by film programmer Margaret Deriaz.



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