• Certification: Film rated as: CFF-15
  • Country: UK
  • Release year: 2020
  • Run time: 89 minutes

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A selection of short dramas and documentaries made by local filmmakers.


The Wick | dir Sabine Crossen | 15m

A dark period drama set in the 1800s in rural England, 73 years after witch hunts were banned.


We Farmed a Lot of Acres | dir Richard Gravett | 5m

Punctuated by 8mm footage filmed in the '60s by Richard Brickell, the East Sussex farmer of 90 reflects on a past way of farming deeply connected with the land.


A Spring in Endless Bloom | dir Tom Oliver | 6m

Set to scenes of a UK in lockdown, a daughter reads a letter from her isolated mother.


Booklovers | dir Lisa Fulthorpe | 10m

In this psychological horror, set in a Brighton bookshop, a book-loving student on a quest for a Gothic novel is seduced into an unearthly game.


The Fruit Fix | dir Philip Connolly | 12m

Can a banana and a piece of string really help someone on the road to recovery? Starring Derry Girl’s Jamie-Lee O’Donnell.


Keratin | dir Andrew Butler, James Wilson | 8m

An isolated man’s ritualistic pursuit of creation in the heart of a dark, dense forest.


Blue Passport | dir John Barlow | 10m

A young man contemplates a future abroad after becoming disillusioned with his country.


Siren | dir Joe Cooper | 6m

A first date reveals sinister intentions, but who is really in danger?


Reconnected | dir Sophie Kettle Smith | 13m

During lockdown, an isolated and lonely man finds himself reconnected with family, his community, and an enthusiasm for life… but for how long?