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Director: Alexandre Volkoff.
Starring: Ivan Mosjoukine, Diane Karenne, Jenny Jugo, Rudolf Klein-Rogge.

A sensational highlight of French silent cinema, this sumptuous epic was directed by the Russian émigré Alexandre Volkoff who assisted Abel Gance on Napoléon. Ivan Mosjoukine (‘the Russian Valentino') stars as the 18th-century adventurer whose amorous escapades take him from decadent Venice, via Austria, to the Imperial Court of St Petersburg where he flirts outrageously with Catherine the Great. Shot in black and white with gorgeous colour sequences, this wild and witty extravaganza culminates in eye-popping scenes of the Venice Carnival filmed on location, with crowds of maskedrevellers, gondolas and fireworks. Newly restored by the Cinémathèque Française.

With live accompaniment by Stephen Horne.

couple in masquerade ball fancy dress looking at each other couple in masquerade ball fancy dress looking at the ballroom