• Certification: 12A
  • Run time: 43 minutes
  • Genre: Short Film



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At the Red Balloon Learner Centre, Cambridge, many of the students study media. Here we present a selection of their films; fascinating documentaries, wonderful animation & heartwarming music videos.

A Tale of Two Hostels
A TALE OF TWO HOSTELS reveals the untold stories of two refuge hostels before and during the war: one for Spanish children and Basque refugees from Franco, and the other for Jewish teenagers from Germany.

Umbarella Red Balloon Music Video
A look at the Red Balloon Learning Centre and what it achieves.

Harry Advert
Help Harry

Miffy Iz Bad
Miffy is a Crazy Cat

Chess (An Extract)
An epic battle of chess!

Archie’s Dogs
A tale of ants on the warpath.

A Place Called Red Balloon
White Board Animation.

The Scruffs Title Sequence
Kids TV Title Sequence animation.

Paint Animation
Animation using glass & ink.

Mad World
Hand-drawn animation.

The Dog Show
Dogs Cider & Husky enter a dog show.

What Had to be Done
Suzanne’s father finds her diary...

Two Lonely Dogs
A story of friendship between dogs.

The Creep
A black & white Noir piece.

Trip me Up
A 3D model animation about bullying.

A Small World
Let us take a deep journey into a small world...