• Certification: 15
  • Run time: 90 minutes
  • Genre: Short Film



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Queer-themed short films from around the world. Programmed and hosted by and Encompass Network.

Happy & Gay by Lorelei Pepi
A queer revisionist history of 1930’s black and white cartoons, Happy & Gay is a musical cartoon inspired by the power of representation.

When a Man Loves A Woman by Charlie Francis
Nick is in his 20’s but still hides his homosexuality from his mother.

No Matter Who by Anne-Claire Jaulin
It’s summertime and a troop of young girls are headed to scout camp. For Marie and Lise, it is a time for their first sparks of emotion, a time to learn more about desire and how one confronts a group and their morality.

Girls on Film 2: Before Dawn

Follow Me by Anthony Schatteman
Eighteen-year-old Jasper is madly in love with his art teacher. Overcome with confusion and longing, Jasper takes to following his teacher and his new girlfriend wherever they go.

B. by Kai Stanicke
Torn between a cold relationship with K. and her feelings for another woman, shy and insecure B. is heading for disaster. For too long she has suppressed her desires and lived a lie, but is it too late for B. to follow her heart?


We Could Be Parents

Marely left Erik when he found out he was selling himself for sex. Now, Erik’s last chance to get Marely back is to make this film explaining the reason why; so that they could afford to become parents one day.


Boys on Film 16: Possession