Part of

127 minutes


DIRECTOR: Ciro Guerra & Cristina Gallego

WITH: Carmiña Martínez, Jhon Narváez, José Acosta, José Vicente Cotes

In Birds of Passage, visual signifiers of superstition are ever-present: talismans, decorative necklaces, mourning veils and traditional song all permeate the film, as augurs of the tribal clan war that descends on the characters. The result is a textured and utterly unique re-imagining of the family crime saga. Set in northern Colombia between 1968 and 1980, the film focuses on the Wayuu, a large indigenous group who operate by their own strict codes of family honour and ritual courtship. Rapayet is an ambitious young man with one foot in his cloistered community and another in rapidly changing Colombia, where the burgeoning marijuana market is a means to quick cash.

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