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Nina Hoss is one of Europe's finest actors, from her award-winning performances in Barbara and Phoenix, to a prominent role in TV series Homeland.

Here she plays a music teacher with a fanatical and meticulous obsession with excellence – is there any other kind in films? She has identified a young musician with stage fright as being in need of her initially protective mentoring, though her attention to him comes at the expense of her own son, also a musician. But what seems to be her generosity gradually reveals itself to be something much darker.

Hoss is magnificent, and the film's success depends largely on her genius.


Weisse’s gripping, cool-blooded drama upends all manner of inspirational-educator clichés.' - Variety

'“The Audition” is often lovely to listen to, though you can never forget the human strain behind those strings.' - Variety

'The Audition is dominated by Nina Hoss’ imposing performance, bringing the quiet and engaging struggle of the heroine to life.' - Cineuropa