Each year the Cambridge Film Festival presents prizes, based on the scores awarded to the films by our audience. All British premieres are "in competition" and eligible for their respective award.

The Golden Punt is awarded to the best feature film, Silver punt to best documentary and the Crystal punt to the highest rated short film.

The 2017 winners were...


Golden Punt - THE NET (Kim Ki-duk)

korean man

The new feature from the famously prolific and divisive Korean director Kim Ki-duk tells the compelling story of a North Korean fisherman whose boat breaks down and drifts to South Korea. After enduring many brutal investigations, he eventually gets sent back to North Korea. But before leaving South Korea, he sees how developed the country is and the contrasting dark sides of it.


Silver Punt - OPERATION SYNCOPATION (Maxim Thompson)

Femaletherapist with a child

This ground-breaking documentary follows Professor Amelia Oldfield as she revisits ten families who received music therapy from her over fifteen years ago, and explores the impact of the therapy on the life trajectories of young people with autism.


Crystal Punt - MEAL TIME (Tiffany Wei)

drawing of women at a table

Some of the Tiffany Wei’s best conversations/memories are ones shared with others over a meal. Meal Time is based on her personal experiences while eating. 


Previous winners.


Golden Punt - Chocolat

Silver Punt - Future Baby

Crystal Punt - Speechless



Golden Punt - Bill

Silver Punt - Street Kids United II

Crystal Punt - Group B




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