Youth Lab Presents County Lines

As part of the CFF at Home project, the Cambridge Film Festival Youth Lab presented an exclusive online screening of the 2019 Youth Lab Jury Award winning film.

From the lab, six of the team members worked together to curate a screening of COUNTY LINES, recorded their introduction to the film, and conducted a fascinating Q&A with the director Henry Blake.

County Lines is no longer available in the CFF at Home Screening Room however you can watch the Youth Lab introduction and their Q&A with Henry Blake below. 





COUNTY LINES is a vital film about the life of a young boy, played by Bafta-nominated Rising Star Conrad Khan, who is groomed for a criminal drug trafficking network, now known as county lines.

The story reflects on how children are trapped by this system, the impact it has on their family life, and the social conditions surrounding the issue, drawing on the experiences that Blake had during his time in East London as a youth worker.

COUNTY LINES was nominated in four categories at the British Independent Film Awards, including best debut director for Henry Blake. Ashley Madekwe also received a BAFTA nomination for best supporting actress alongside Conrad Khan's EE Rising Star nod. 

The Youth Lab has put together a wonderful presentation of an exceptionally important, and urgent film. The team has worked hard on ensuring the introduction will be a warm welcome to the film and provide some context around the story, and the Q&A is respectful of the difficult subject matter and gives a detailed insight into creative decision making, and highlights the realities about shooting a film while balancing ordinary life.


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