Volunteers handing out radios at an outdoor screening event


Information about volunteering for the Cambridge Film Trust and at Cambridge Film Festival events including Movies on the Meadows.

To apply to be a volunteer at the 36th Cambridge Film Festival 2016 please read through the information below.


Who is eligible to volunteer?

Firstly volunteers must be aged 18 or older.

Secondly, you must be local to the event you wish to volunteer for (or local to Cambridge if you are volunteering for office-based projects). We cannot provide accommodation and cannot usually provide travel arrangements.

Thirdly, you should be available on the dates of the event you wish to volunteer at, and be aware that extra commitment may be involved in the form of briefing and/or training sessions prior to the event.

The attributes we seek in applicants because we consider them vital to a good volunteer are:

  • a friendly, smiley manner
  • common sense
  • good initiative
  • a strong interest in film
  • an interest in and awareness of the Cambridge Film Trust's activities including the Festival
  • fluent English

We have volunteers from a variety of backgrounds, a range of ages and ethnicities, and do not discriminate.


Film Festival Volunteers

Whether you want to help out at Movies on the Meadows, the Festival itself, or both, volunteering is a great way to get involved with the Festival!

Volunteer duties include ushering at screenings, assisting with marketing activities, assisting the hospitality team, as well as runner tasks including general office and front-of-house duties to keep the Festival running smoothly.




Cambridge Film Trust Event Volunteers (NOT Film Festival)

Example duties include:

Ushering and door duties

  • Welcoming audiences to events
  • Ensuring ticketed entry as instructed

Stewarding, Marshalling and Safety

  • Guiding audiences to the right place for the right time
  • Monitoring audiences to ensure everyone's safety, spotting potential issues and retrieving immediate assistance if necessary
  • Ensuring venue is respected


Year-round Volunteers (outside of Festival and Trust Events)

Throughout the year we may have opportunities to help us get organised or promote events.

  • Administrative and media related activities
  • Marketing - e.g. distrbuting printed material (leaflets, flyers, brochures, posters etc) to venues across town