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Hawking 2013

  • Country UK
  • Production Year 2013
  • Duration 86 minutes


Professor Stephen Hawking will be joining us with directors Stephen Finnegan and Ben Bowie plus special guests for a Q&A after the screening on 19 Sept 2013. Due to limited wheelchair access in screen 1, the Q&A will be relayed to the auditorium from elsewhere in the building.

Please note that, whilst we cannot guarantee Prof. Hawking will make an appearance in person in Screen 1 before the film, we we will try our best to make it happen.

From demystifying the secrets of the cosmos, to appearing on The Simpsons, Stephen Hawking has cemented himself as one the greatest scientific figures of modern times. At 71, and still with no intention of quitting his day-job at Cambridge University, he has invited filmmakers Stephen Finnigan and Ben Bowie to help him tell his incredible life story. Written and narrated by the man himself, HAWKING charts his tragic diagnosis, aged 21, of Motor Neurone Disease; his meeting with wife Jane, who helped rescue him from depression; his ground-breaking work on black holes and the origins of the universe; and his rise to international fame and scientific superstardom.

The film is the extraordinary story of the planet’s most famous living scientist, told for the first time in his own words and by those closest to him. Made with unique access to Hawking’s private life, this is an intimate and moving journey into his world, past and present. While we know much of Hawking’s life – he is no stranger to publicity – viewers might be surprised to learn that his early years as a student at Oxford were spent avoiding hard work, and it was only when he went to Cambridge to work on his PhD that he became intrigued by questions about black holes and the nature of the universe.

As well as a fascinating insight into his life and work, it is an uplifting film. Undeterred in his work by his slowly degenerating physical condition, Hawking’s mind is as lively and expansive as ever. But despite his status as an intellectual giant, it is perhaps comforting to find that, behind the bestsellers and the accolades, lies a warm, reflective septuagenarian with a sparkling wit.

Print Source: Vertigo Films

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07:25 pm Thursday 19th September 2013


04:00 pm Saturday 21st September 2013

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Simon R Jones wrote

A fascinating look at the life of Stephen Hawking, how he dealt with Motor Neurone Disease and how he motivated himself to undertake the ground-breaking research he's so famous for. The Q&A afterwards was great, including interviews with the directors, his sister Mary and Physicist Kip Thorne. It was also wonderful to hear from Stephen himself, his message of wanting to inspire people to find out more about science and work in the scientific field came across very strongly.

It's ironic, that with his disability he's become a great communicator and champion for science. I left with the feeling human life is incredibly precious, and there's really no limit to what can be achieved when you truly put your mind to it.

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