EM Media Digital Shorts 1 2011

  • Country United Kingdom
  • Production Year 2011
  • Duration 66 minutes

A selection of shorts by filmmakers from the East of England capturing the drama of life, love and the relationships that can make and break us. The films were made with the support of the UK Film Councils New Cinema Fund and recieved National Lottery funding through EM Media East.

Ellie is a teenage boxer desperate to mae the ABA Boxing Academy and leave behind her unsupportive father. With the trials fast approaching she must face the challenges ourside the ring and learn the true meaning of success.

I Wish I Were An Elephant
An animation conveying the fragility of life, how we should make the most of every moment and accept, without regret, the inevitability of our own existence.

Sunny Boy
Danny and his overprotective father live in a world of darkness due to his rare skin condition. He longs to be a regular teenager playing football out in the sun.

Where theres Smoke
A couples troubled relationship collides with a stangers good intentions.

Jumping for Joy
An unrequited love is finally resolved over a painful insurance scam.

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Arts Picturehouse

03:15 pm Thursday 22nd September 2011

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Lucy Sheppard wrote

The standout in this collection of short films made in the East of England is "Sunny Boy", the tale of a teenager with a rare skin condition, which is sympathetically directed and allows the lead actor's charisma to shine. "Where There's Smoke" is a well-acted exploration of a relationship breakdown amidst gorgeous vistas of the Suffolk coast, but as someone who has struggled with infertility I was irked by how it excused the husband's irresponsible behaviour. Then again, I'm just writing a review rather than actually making a short film. Maybe I should put my money where my mouth is...

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