The Trip 2010

  • Country UK
  • Production Year 2010
  • Language English
  • Duration 90 minutes
  • Source Revolution Films

Two men. Six top restaurants. And a lot of dodgy impressions. This latest venture from acclaimed director Michael Winterbottom sees Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon (A Cock and Bull Story) reunite to essentially play themselves, with predictably entertaining consequences. Unceremoniously dumped by his American girlfriend, the restaurant critic for the Observer (Coogan) invites Brydon to accompany him on a work trip up North. Improvised in the style of Curb Your Enthusiasm, the pair make each other laugh (and wind each other up) as they eat their way around the Lake District. This specially edited feature brings together all the best bits of the six-part series in ninety minutes. Eating out has never been this much fun.

We hope to welcome filmmakers Michael Winterbottom and Andrew Eaton to the screening.

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Arts Picturehouse

08:00 pm Thursday 23rd September 2010

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Festival Daily wrote

This improvised comedy, aside from raising many a laugh, brings up interesting questions about how we consider television versus cinema.

Directed by Michael Winterbottom, THE TRIP follows semi-fictional versions of Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon as they journey around some of the finest restaurants in the North of England for The Observer. Due to air in November as a 6-part TV series on the BBC, the audience in the Arts Picturehouse are a select few in the UK who will view this as a film, much to producer Andrew Eaton’s disappointment.

Improvised in a semi-structured manner familiar to many through TV show Curb Your Enthusiasm and inspired by the same pair’s turns in A COCK AND BULL STORY, the competitive banter of the duo never fails to elicit a laugh. Whether duelling with one another over Brydon’s myriad impressions of Michael Caine, James Bond, Billy Connolly and more or the deliciously quick wit of Coogan, the high calibre of performers works wonders with the improvised style. It is not without character depth though - Coogan, on more serious notes, does well conveying a man frustrated with his career and life failing to develop as others pass him by.

Despite the fact most will experience THE TRIP as a TV series this version is very at home on the big screen. The beautiful landscapes, quick fire wit and the more poignant moments experienced by Coogan’s character all make this an excellent cinematic piece. Well worth the trip, one might say.

Jim Ross

Hannah wrote

Excellent film! What a shame it is not being released more widely!

CFF Student Critics wrote

Building upon the rapport they previously shared in one of Michael Winterbottom’s past films, A COCK AND BULL STORY, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon re-team once again in the director's latest comedy, a decidedly light-hearted U-turn after his adaptation of THE KILLER INSIDE ME earlier this year.

Effectively a six-part television series meshed into one 90 minute feature, THE TRIP features the stars playing fictionalised versions of themselves, with Coogan embodying a food critic scouring the Lake District for fine cuisine and even finer sexual conquests. Replacing Coogan's absent girlfriend, Brydon tags along on this tour of several top UK restaurants, demonstrating the duo's unique friendship as they make their way through meticulously made, diverse delicacies. The largely improvised events that ensue are proof of the two stars unquestionable chemistry and their ability to adapt their comedic talents to any setting or scenario.

The film features beautiful shots of the British countryside coupled with some hilarious verbal sparring between the two, who swap copious amounts of the uncanny impressions of which they have become known for. These range from Michael Caine to Sean Connery, with Dustin Hoffman and Woody Allen being particularly funny highlights. Though the pace does slacken slightly during the third act, it was reassuring to know that there was a fresh joke mere minutes away.

As much a hilarious road trip as an engaging character study, Winterbottom’s latest is a tremendously enjoyable British film made even better by its exclusivity to the Arts Picturehouse.

Edward Frost

david wrote

Top film! I thought that it had interesting things to say, i'm not sure what, about relationships between men. I even think that is at core a serious film given just the right delivery.

Jessica L. wrote

THE TRIP was absolutely wonderful. Unlike any other film I've seen this year and I would pay to see it again in an instant. I'm not ashamed to say I feel it should be cherished as a contemporary national treasure. It seemed to exemplify 'Britishness' (that term that is usually & inevitably so difficult to define) but so easily and gracefully that it simply wraps you up like a great big hug. And let's face it, it's hilarious AND hilariously brilliant. I truly feel it would be an incredible shame if no-one else got to see THE TRIP in this cinematic format, as it really did work, and would be a fantastic piece to fly the flag for British Cinema in 2010. I'll definitely be tuning in when it arrives on the small screen and will remain hopeful that at the very least a DVD of the film length version might be made available...

Mike, St Ives wrote

Winterbottom's "The Trip" great fun: Brydon & Coogan are so good together and v funny. Plus MW's naturalistic style works perfectly.

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