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This well observed documentary is set in the small village of Stara Zburyevka in the Ukraine, where local sheriffs Victor and Volodya are trying to keep the peace. As we join them on their daily rounds in their car complete with a Ukrainian flag, we encounter the villagers and their everyday troubles. Victor and Volodya are part law enforcement, part social workers, as they deal with crimes such as stolen ducks and drunken neighbours. The Russian-Ukraine conflict is looming in the background and invitations to join the army are being handed out as our intrepid team look for people dodging the draft. Winner of an IDFA special jury prize, this is a tragic-comic immersive journey to a corner of the world seemingly frozen in time.

"When I first met the mayor of this village and the sheriffs, I was totally fascinated: in a country where everything was corrupt, authorities not working properly, and the police never around, the people were not complaining, but found an alternative way to arrange their life... Following recent political events in Ukraine and personal stories of the sheriffs, I made a very honest film. I would love to call it a tragic documentary comedy." - ROMAN BONDARCHUK