About Us

We have come a long way since 1977 when the Festival was born in the old Arts Cinema in Market Passage. Year after year, it has rapidly expanded into a major UK event with a reputation that extends internationally.

The Festival Team recognises that independent cinema is suffering continual pressure to gain a platform amongst the huge expansion of US led commercial fare. Screen space and media coverage are certainly difficult to achieve these days, but we take pride in the fact that Cambridge’s film culture is thriving – the year-round screenings of independent films and the wide-ranging Festival programme find a home at the Arts Picturehouse.

We have been very fortunate to have a most eclectic roster of filmmakers visit – Francesco Rosi, Percy Adlon, Michael Powell, Wim Wenders, Jerzy Skolimowski, Philip Kaufman, Krzysztof Kieslowski, Bruce Weber, Monika Treut, Michael Winterbottom, Andrew Eaton, Terry Gilliam, Cate Blanchett, Julie Delpy, Joel Schumacher, Peter Greenaway, Stephen Woolley and Neil Jordan are among many who find Cambridge friendly, challenging and committed to world cinema.

Make sure you get your hands on a copy of our brochure to get a sample of what to expect at this year’s cinematic celebrations. Even then, new films, exciting guests, special events and offers as well as other surprises will continue to be added, so don’t miss out – keep up with the latest arrivals online. Get Festival Updates, announcements, offers and more from our newsletter, and find us on Facebook and Twitter. See you in September!

What’s the Cambridge film festival all about and what makes it special/unique?

An introduction to CFF2014 from Festival Director Tony Jones

It’s a celebration of film – past present and future. So, it’s a chance to relive and enjoy past glories, but also to see what’s happening in film right now, and reveal new talents who will shape the future of cinema. A good example of that is a chap who had his student short selected for the programme here back in 1996, named Christopher Nolan. Apparently he’s done quite well since! Of course it’s also a chance to see films from around the world, from other countries and cultures, many of which we might not otherwise come into contact with. And it’s all brought to our doorstep. It brings the people who make the films here, too, of course, so it’s a chance to meet and put your questions to actors, writers and directors. What makes Cambridge different from other Festivals is that it attracts big names but is nonetheless intimate and approachable. There are no red carpets, no banks of flashbulbs going off, and the chances are the acclaimed director of the much anticipated new film you’re about to see is happily hanging out in the bar, just like you! Our audiences like that – the filmmakers actually love it, too. Another particular quest of ours is outdoor screenings, or screenings in unusual places. We show films on Grantchester Meadows, in Magdalene Street and at Jesus Green Lido every year, and to that, this year, we’re adding some new venues. Cambridge itself is special and unique, with amazing spaces that are just crying out to be used and enjoyed creatively.